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About Us

Our passion for design started at an early age, as my older sister constantly had the urge to draw shapes on my face with our mother’s different color lipsticks. Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, it wasn’t hard for your mind to wonder and creative ideas would soon emerge. In 2013, those ideas and dreams became a reality. The Vintage Bar was created and inspired by the class and elegance that was presented by women back in the day . The Vintage Bar did not always start through the hands of our own,  it simply started with a vision! Being inspired by the Southern Charm was just a plus. In June 2011, Denna Harrison, Co-owner of Vintage Bar Accessories began working as a flight attendant. This gave us the advantage to travel the world and be inspired through other cultures and designs. Our work is influenced greatly by culture, creativity, and originality. In January 2015, we began to create our own pieces. All pieces are handmade and uniquely designed. As the year went on our ideas begin to expand to greater levels that we never imagined. Here we are in 2018, and as our business continues to grow so do our ideas! Here’s a TOAST to SWEET CHARM!